2016 Annual General Meeting

The Board of Directors for RTO12 invites you to join them for the Explorers’ Edge 2016 Annual General Meeting and year-end presentation by Executive Director James Murphy.


Wednesday, June 22
Doors open at 9.00am • 9:30am – 12:00pm
Hidden Valley Resort • Huntsville, Ontario


12.30 pm – 2.00 pm BREAK OUT SESSIONS AND WORKING LUNCH (see below)

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Town of Parry Sound Visitor Information Centre Update

The Town of Parry Sound is preparing to open a Visitor Information Centre at the Stockey Centre.

Please click here to read more information from the Stockey Centre.

The Parry Sound Chamber will use the facility to promote its member businesses. Brochures will be displayed in an open and accessible area at the Stockey Centre, and will provide referrals to visitors and local residents upon request. Continue reading

Online Packages Opportunity: Ontario Fall Weekends Campaign

The upcoming Ontario Fall Weekends campaign encourages our primary target audience, couples travelling without children from Ontario and the U.S. (New York, Pennsylvania and Michigan), to unearth their passions and go beyond the known, to be stimulated by Ontario’s local stories of unexpected hidden gems. The campaign launches early in September and will run through to mid-November 2016.

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Social Media Presentation Calendar


Explorers’ Edge will be conducting various social media presentations in conjunction with local Chamber of Commerce, BIA’s and groups.  Below you can find a calendar showing when these events are happening.  For more information please contact Randy Mitson  – 1-800-835-7303 x104

Note if there’s no dates listed here try navigating to the next month.

Product Development – Ride the Edge

Ride the Edge Fall 2013

Ride the Edge Fall

Pristine forests. Lakes, rivers and cliffs. Winding backroads that range from tame cruisers to technical twisties. This is what riding in Explorers’ Edge is all about.  In the Fall of 2013 we invited four motorcycle journalists to Explorers’ Edge to experience the winding backroads and regional attractions first hand.  www.ridetheedge.ca Continue reading