Request for Services: Digital Marketing Campaign Specialist: Winter Travel in Muskoka


Request for Services: Digital Marketing Campaign Specialist Winter Travel in Muskoka


The Ontario Ministry of Tourism and Culture created 13 Regional Tourism Organizations (RTOs) in the province to identify and implement regional priorities, allowing for more consistent marketing of Ontario’s tourism regions. The RTO12 area includes Algonquin Park, the Almaguin Highlands, Loring-Restoule, Muskoka and Parry Sound.

RTO12 is a not-for-profit agency that is governed by a volunteer board of directors. The mandate for RTO12 includes: providing industry leadership and strategic planning, developing strong, collaborative partnerships and packages, marketing, developing the workforce and skills training.

RTO12 is the administrative name for the region that is known in the consumer marketplace as Explorers’ Edge

Explorers’ Edge programs will fuel the new brand with meaning, create awareness, and have measurable components while driving retails sales to our stakeholders.

For more information on Ontario’s 13 Regional Tourism Organizations, visit

The RFS Process

  1. The RFS process will take place as follows:
  2. Potential bidders will be e-mailed a copy of the RFS.
  3. The bidders prepare their formal response and send their document in an electronic format to Explorers’ Edge by the specified RFS close date.

Project Timetable

Request for Services Issued – November 20, 2015
RFs Due – December 4, 2015

Executive Summary

Explorers’ Edge is seeking the expertise of a Digital Marketing Campaign Specialist to manage, administer and provide strategic advice as it relates to a winter consumer ad campaign.    The digital ad campaign will make use of pre-developed content and packages to promote, communicate, market and convert winter travel in Muskoka.

The Opportunity

The Digital Marketing Campaign Specialist will work closely with a steering committee to manage, administer and provide strategic advice related to the winter consumer ad campaign.

The successful candidate will deliver the following:

Social Media

  • Ad development and posting
  • Audience Identification – finding and targeting RTO 12’s target audience on the various social media platforms, including niche opportunities and custom audiences
  • Daily optimization to ensure ads are delivering at the lowest possible CPV
  • Conversion optimization and landing page testing (especially important once the booking engine is live)
  • 7/365 campaign monitoring/management – we ensure ads are placed and run on weekends and on holidays
  • Budget management including tracking spend against budgets (monthly reporting)
  • Weekly/monthly reporting including a bi monthly analysis to determine which content is most effective in driving the lowest
  • CPV and high quality traffic. We will report social media reach, engagement, and viral impact, and integrate our reporting with
  • Identify new social media advertising opportunities and make recommendations

Search Engine

  • Search Engine Marketing/Online Marketing – Pay Per Click campaign development and administration
  • Conduct keyword search term research and online ad research to build competitive compelling winter SEM campaign
  • Campaign(s) will be focused on the following:
    • Snowmobile vacations
    • Snowmobile vacation packages
    • Snowmobile trips
    • Snowmobile resorts
    • Top snowmobile destinations
    • Best Places to snowmobile
    • Ontario snowmobile trails
    • Ontario snowmobile trail conditions
  • Ongoing campaign refinements – keyword and ad testing and enhancements to improve the quality of traffic throughout the period.
  • Landing page recommendations and testing to increase visit conversions.
  • Bi-monthly reporting of campaign progress, results and recommendations
  • Recommendations – Search Engine Optimization of the Muskoka Tourism website based on the results of the campaign

The proposal, at a minimum, will break out the administration costs for a $29,247.64 (before HST) project budget. Your proposal will form an integral part of the contract and will be considered the Scope of Work for the Initial Term.

Reports to: Campaign Steering Committee

Corporate Information:

Please provide a synopsis of your qualifications, including a detailed summary of previous successful planning and training for comparable clients. Also include:

  • A description of the respondent’s company, including location(s), business operations, financial security, and corporate history
  • A standard contract proposal

Note:  Proponents shall identify, within their submission, all excluded items.

Assumptions:  The entire project will be fully implemented no later than March 17, 2016 and is estimated to be in market by December 11, 2015.

Request for Services: Digital Marketing Campaign Specialist Winter Travel in Muskoka