Partnership Allocation

Beginning in April 1, 2013, Regional Tourism Organizations (RTOs) funding was expanded to include a “partnership” allocation from the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport as part of their funding allocation. This has enabled RTO12 to work with our tourism stakeholders in the development and execution of exciting tourism programs.

Our partnership allocation has supported many successful initiatives over the past years throughout our entire region. Projects range from events such as What’s Cooking Bracebridge and the Girlfriends Getaway Weekend to the production of a digital publication highlighting the Resorts of Ontario, signage for Arrowhead’s ice trail, content marketing for a number of projects and organizations and more.


Eligible partnership projects must align with the Ministry’s goals and link to the RTO’s business plan and pillars, building the capacity of the tourism industry and providing economic benefit to the region by increasing visitor spending, increasing visitation or improving customer experiences.

This year Fiscal 2017 – 2018, RTO12 is focusing on the following areas for partnerships:

  • Workforce Development
  • Content Marketing
  • Event & Festival Marketing

More information about our direction and goals can be accessed through our Destination Development Plan (DDP) which is a road map to building the regional tourism organization and to achieving specific goals for the tourism industry here. To complement the DDP, our Operational Plan sets our priorities for the current fiscal year.

The Process

Stakeholders, tourism operators, or business owners in the RTO12 region who have a project that may be a good fit for our objectives can contact us for more information about the partnership program. We are open to your suggestions, and would like to hear about any project that has the potential to drive tourism receipts.

The first step is to submit your idea to James Murphy, Executive Director of RTO12: You will receive a response to your inquiry within ten business days.

Please note that the partnership program is based on third-party execution/delivery, and the project will need to meet the competitive process guidelines mandated by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport (i.e. minimum of three written quotes, etc.).

The next step is to collaborate with RTO12 to formulate a plan, including:

  • Defined project stages and milestones
  • Desired outcomes and tactics to achieve objectives (ex. Facebook ads, website, etc.)
  • Outline of key activities and partner roles
  • S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound) performance measures and tracking methods
  • Detailed budget, including other potential funders if applicable

The plan is then submitted to the RTO Committee for feedback.

A Memorandum of Understanding or Partner Agreement for a project-sharing scenario will be drawn up and signed, clearly articulating the project deliverables, partner roles and responsibilities, resource requirements, timelines, and performance measures.

It then requires six to eight weeks to receive the necessary approvals from the RTO12 Board of Directors and Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport.

If approved, the RTO12 will work closely with the partner to ensure that deliverables are met and outcomes achieved.

Please contact James Murphy, Executive Director of RTO12: if you would like to learn more about the Partnership Program.