Seasonal Package Submission


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Travel packages offer value-added, time-limited, bundled trip components, making it easy for consumers to plan and book a trip. For example, a weekend getaway could include performance tickets, accommodations, guide services, or a restaurant voucher.

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Your package must be developed pertaining to one of the following categories:

  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Attractions
  • Culinary
  • Golf
  • Outdoor Adventures
  • Spas & Wellness
  • Fishing & Hunting
  • Motorsports (motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile and boat touring)
  • Sports activities (running events, triathlon, paddling events)
  • Family Vacations

Your package must include at least two of the following services or activities for a single price:

  • Activity or experience, including: o Behind-the-scenes activities, field trips o Discussions with resource specialist (i.e. naturalist, chef, sommelier) o Hands-on activities or self-guided visitation
  • Tickets to live theatre, events or attractions
  • Meals
  • Accommodations
  • Guided tours
  • Transportation

There must be one point of purchase for the guest to book all components of the package (the point of purchase business/organization must book the other components on behalf of the guest).

Packages promoted by Explorers’ Edge must include an overnight stay component.

To load a package to the booking area of the Explorers’ Edge website, which can then also be included in our content and email promotion, send the following information to 

  1. Title: provide a creative, attention-getting name
  2. Description: describe the experience and what is included in the package (i.e. number of tickets/admissions, type of instruction, accommodation, number of days/nights, number of meals, etc.) in 75-100 words (max)
  3. Start and End Dates: provide the exact dates during which your package is available (it will be removed from the site upon expiration date)
  4. Price: provide specific price details and note whether tax and gratuity are included
  5. Location: provide the exact location, including postal code
  6. Link (URL): provide the link to the page on your website where complete packages details can be found
  7. Image: provide a clear, single image (min. 1920×800 pixels, JPEG format, max 4MB, landscape orientation; no collages, logos or text) that appropriately reflects the visitor experience
  8. Google map coordinates for originating property.

All submitted packages will be vetted by RTO12/Explorers’ Edge before they can be approved for uploading.

Please note:

  • Packages do not have to be exclusive to the EE website – you can promote them elsewhere
  • Packages will be changed seasonally
  • Deals, discounts and regular rates, stay two nights get one free, are not eligible. Send this type of special offer information to to load to Special Offers area of the Explorers’ Edge website

For more information about packages on the Explorers’ Edge booking area, contact