5 Quick Courses for Tourism Operators

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“The New Marketing in the Social Media Age”: 5 Quick Courses for Tourism Operators

The objective of this Quick Courses initiative is help small businesses owners harness the power of social media to drive bottom line results. This initiative will consist of five 1-hour “quick courses,” featuring insightful instruction from marketing expert Peter Coish, and everyday insights by Kate Monk, Director of Communications for RTO12, all of which is intended to empower tourism operators to engage in effective, up-to-date marketing programs.

During the week of March 30 – April 3, 2015 the one hour quick course will take place from the comfort of your own home / office via webinar daily (time TBD).

Upon successful completion of the five webinars participants will be provided with a RTO 12 credit of $250 towards the publishing of online content.

Registration of the Quick Courses is limited to 20 tourism operators.


Quick Course Overview

March 30 Introduction to the New Marketing Reality: With the exponential growth of social media networks like Facebook and Instagram,  reaching potential customers is now all about entertaining and engaging your prospects with great stories and imagery (marketers call this “content”). In this quick course we will take a look at the four components of a solid social media marketing program: strategy (what do you want to achieve?), content creation (what do we want to hook our potential customers with? And what will stand out?), content distribution (how do we reach customers?) and results measurement (did this investment work?) – as well as provide examples of marketers who are seeing results from new marketing techniques

March 31 – Creating a Marketing Strategy for your Business Using The New Marketing Techniques: Every business has a story to tell, but how do you tell it in a way that is appealing to your prospects and customers? This quick course will address how to develop a content plan for your small businesses, and how to choose from the various options for publishing content online (blog, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc.). We will also discuss how to establish a process for ongoing publication of content even if you have limited resources.

April 1 – Creating Great Content: In this quick course we look at how a small tourism business can create content (either your own or from somewhere else) that will engage prospects.  We will explain what makes for effective photo and written content.  This module will also explain the crucial role of search engine optimization (SEO…important in the “new marketing reality”) and marketing in creating content that generates traffic for your business.

April 2 – Getting the Message Out:  Once you’ve created great content, how do you ensure it reaches the right audience? And once they’ve enjoyed your content, how do you capture and convert them into paying customers? This quick course introduces the basics of promoting your content using both paid and unpaid tactics.

April 3 – Measuring Your Return on Investment:  How do you measure the effectiveness of your marketing once you’ve introduced these new techniques? In this quick course we will introduce the various key measures as well as the tools (Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, email managers, etc.) a small business can use to track them.