Community Relations Committee

Chair TBD

Jennifer Pilon, Kelly Haywood, Lynn Middaugh, Laura Hernando, Siobhan O’Leary, Brenda Rhodes, Alexandra Hall, Catherine Oosterbaan, Kristie Virgoe, Jane Templeton, Kim Loader, Stefan Szczerbak, David Brushey, Donna Maitland, Gerry Spooner, John Miller, Michael Duben, Samantha Hastings, David Gray, Renato Romanin, Scott Ovell, Lisa McMurray, Les Gyne, Jennifer Schnier, Marianne    Braid, Danielle Millar, Cheryl Kelley, Michael Lawley, Don MacKay

Most recently, the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport has provided Explorers’ Edge with information regarding future funding while also sharing some key accomplishemens as a result of the regional approach to tourism development.

Please mark your calendars for the following committee meetings: