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    Melissa Thomson

    Hello! Most of our customers consider us an area attraction even though we are a retail store. When we were listed on your site as an attraction we would get lots of people coming in because they saw us listed on Trip Advisor as an attraction in a cottage country area. Everyone who visited us agreed with the idea of us being listed as an attraction, and left a review, except for one person. Since our listing was moved (the decision was made on your end) from the things to do section to the shopping section, rarely does someone come in who says that they found us on Trip Advisor. We ask people to leave us a review on Trip Advisor or Facebook and we are finding that most choose to do a Facebook review instead of Trip Advisor. 60 Facebook reviews vs 15 Trip Advisor reviews. We are wondering if it is possible to be once again be listed as something to do since many of our customers now refer to us as the successor to the wildly popular Highway Bookshop which was a well-known famous Northern Ontario attraction for decades. Thank-you for your feedback!

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    Andrew Wiens – Trip Advisor

    Thanks for taking the time to send in this question. The basic navigation of TripAdvisor is divided into lodging, dinning, and attractions. As users navigate deeper into the site there are additional categories- this is especially important with the increased use of mobile web and mobile app where users filter by, ‘attraction type’ to find what they are looking for faster. A retail store would be an ‘attraction’ and the ’attraction type’-Shopping/Gift & Specialty Shops. A nice benefit to this is when the users are searching the set of attractions you are compared to are much more similar.

    To encourage more reviews- certainly asking the customers is a great approach! I would also encourage you check this link out for ‘Review Express’ a free tool that helps you generate more reviews: and also tips on collecting emails (which is tougher in retail space)

    Also if you go to your management page, at the top under ‘FREE TOOLS’ select ‘Promotional Tools’ then ‘Visit Store’ you will find more tools to help you collect reviews. PhoCusWright has found that 75% of travelers are more likely to visit attractions that win awards from TripAdvisor and TripAdvisor window decals and other forms of display available through the store have also been shown to increase foot traffic.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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