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    How do you add multiple “Facebook Stories”? Especially once one is up and you want to add a second before the first expires. Do you see Facebook adding a place to keep your ‘stories’ on your listing the same way Instagram does? Any best practices you can share for the Stories feature?



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    A Page can post one story at a time. It stays up for 24 hours and are viewable on mobile only. There is no capacity to add a second Story.

    As for FB making it possible to save stories, there is no indication from them this will happen. However, FB has a history of rolling new features out across its platforms, and you can save Stories on Instagram. So it could very well happen.

    My one piece of advice is use Facebook Stories with caution. They have not gotten a lot of traction with brands, most likely because Stories have not gotten a lot of traction with consumers. Check your Stories metrics and make sure you’re getting a meaningful audience with them. If you are not, ask yourself if it’s worth the investment. If you are, congrats!

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