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    Tamsen Tillson

    We have pretty limited advertising budgets. Looking to make our marketing dollars stretch, in the last year we started doing quite a bit of Facebook promoted posting and find it to be very effective for raising awareness and generating buzz about our craft beer.

    I’ve heard mixed things about Google Adwords, that it’s expensive, that it is of limited value, especially when compared to organic search, that kind of thing. Before really getting into it, I am looking to get a sense of where Google Adwords fall on the scale of relative cost and whether there are certain industries or types of products that it favours over others.

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    Organic traffic is always the most economical and it is everyones goal to generate as much organic traffic as possible. I also believe everyone needs a multi-facetted approach and google Adwords is one of the tactics to use. Google Adwords provides 2 very important values. 1.) it is method to generate immediate traffic. By using Google Adwords you can generate traffic to your site when you want it or need it. 2.) It is a research and refinement tool. It allows you to test keyword search terms and ad messaging to determine which are the most profitable and valuable search terms for your business.By using the test learn and apply strategy described in an earlier answer you determine which keyword perform best, generate the most conversion and generate the most ROI for you. These are the keywords you should focus your SEO strategy on. Everyone aims for the big and obvious keywords in the SEO. They may not always be the best performers for you. the obvious ones are also the most difficult to ranking your site of on Google. Everyone wants to be on the first page. You will find through Google Adwords that there are variations of a keyword that aren’t as popular but fit your business and also convert very well. These keywords are nuggets that you can SEO for and raking because there isn’t as much competition. all these words will be similar to the big SEO terms and they will also help you start to rank on the big terms as you start to own the secondary terms. So the short answer is use it for ongoing research and long term value.

    Adwords is also very valuable to test ad and product messaging. Because you can control traffic and monitor results you can test multiple ads and see which perform best based on clicks and conversion. You will quickly see what you customer is looking for and how to attract them.

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    Tamsen Tillson

    Hi Tony, Thank you for this!

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