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    Is there a Google Analytics User Guide?


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    Tony Palermo

    There are many Google Analytics user guides both produced by Google and also offered by third parties. Google is the most up to date source of Google Analytics information. Google Analytics is constantly evolving, with new interfaces and new data reporting tools. Because of this third party data may be out of date.

    Depending on the question you are attempting to answer I try both because sometimes third party guides have direct answers to you specific question and things go smoothly. The converse of this is sometimes the interface or labeling of services in Google Analytics has been updated and you can get lost or frustrated if the third party directions are based on out of date links, titles etc.

    The definitive source for Google Analytics Information is Google. Here is a link to a great page On this page there are links to online trading programs, resources helps centres, help blogs etc. You also have links to a Google Analytics You Tube channel that provides instructional videos on how to use Google Analytics. So whatever method you like to access information you can start from this page.

    The other access point on this page is directly with a Google. In the upper right corner there is a link to “Help”. In it you will find a phone number to connect with a specialist, a video call link, a chat link and an email link to submit a question providing access help from a specialist. I am confident in saying that whenever I couldn’t find the information I needed online and inquired through one of these links i have been very satisfied with the assistance Google has provided. They do a great job.

    My suggestion is to use the resources available and when you can’t locate what you need call Google.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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