How did you find out about Webooook?

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    Matt French

    What brought Weboook to your attention? What other apps or contacts would you suggest for the Chinese market? What about other demographics in the GTA; ie Korean?

    What is the amount of time and effort that goes into Webooook? Similar to Facebook, Instagram, or more like Yelp – a one time setup?

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    Matt French

    Is this essentially “Yelp” for Chinese Canadians? Do you use Yelp for your business, and if so, do you find it effective as well? What sort of metrics do you have on the success of this and other app/social media platforms?

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    Andrew Ryeland

    Hi Matt.
    I didn’t find out about Webooook, they found out about me.
    It is not at all like Yelp nor any other apps that I have come across.

    It is basically a formalized ‘word of mouth’ Mandarin app that currently is in wide use in the Greater Toronto area. We (Bear Claw Tours) does no maintenance whatsoever, it is all viral. This app pushed allowed us to make inroads to the under 25, Chinese adventure market in the GTA. There are 85,000 such people in the GTA and most are students with strong financial support from China. And they all are keenly interested in seeing the “real” Canadian Wilderness.

    This group communicates almost solely through the app and SMS messaging. They do not use the web or telephone as most of our customers do. All payment is down through the app and smartphones. Prepare for a major paradigm shift!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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