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    Hi Peter and Kate,

    Thanks for taking this question!

    I have heard and read that placing an external link on a FB post, such as to my website is not a good idea as it will be looked at poorly by the FB algorithm. This makes sense. BUT- There is tremendous potential value to having the user go to my website, depending on the type of post it is. Do you think the potential lost organic reach outweighs the potential gain by getting the user to my website?

    I dont do this on all the posts of course, but some posts just lend themselves to click on the website to learn more.


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    Your statement about link posts is not accurate. In fact, link posts are the best performing of all Facebook Post types. This is a result of an algorithm change made three years ago to fight clickbaiting.

    As for Organic reach, I encourage all Page owners to look carefully at what they are getting and weigh whether their Facebook efforts are justified by that reach. About 4 years ago, Facebook killed off almost all organic reach – that means business Pages on FB were no longer guaranteed to reach their fans merely by posting there. It was part of FB’s (successful) efforts to force businesses to pay to play. As a result, business Pages that do not pay to promote posts have been getting little to no reach for years (you can check reach and engagement for your own Page in the Insights sections).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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