2018 International Fall Fuel and Fun

In RTO12’s 2018-2019 Business & Operation Plan (BOP) that was sanctioned by both the Explorers’ Edge Board of Directors and the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport, our organization set the new and significant objective of building international audiences for the entire region. This commenced with the successful “Share Your Canada 150” campaign in 2017 and has continued in 2018 with “The Great Canadian Wilderness” campaign.

For Fall 2018, the Fuel & Fun Program will once again be used exclusively to “prime the pump” for international visitation in order to: 1) add more leads to our international database; 2) to further attempt to convert the current leads into visitors.

To be clear: there will be NO domestic marketing of this program this fall, and current Canadian residents will not be eligible to receive the package. International visitors from outside of Canada will be targeted and eligible for the package.

The offer will be different this time as well: we will be offering 1 x $50 gas card and 6 x $25 in vouchers.

If you have international audiences you would like to promote this program to – please do so. We will be investing budget into the marketing of this program in order to have international visitors book at participating accommodations, and to spend their vouchers at participating attractions.

An overall objective of the update to this program as well is to show the commercial airline industry – which we continue to speak with – that we are able to market to and attract international audiences, as we did with the Share Your Canada contest.

Please note: Because Fall 2018 Fuel & Fun Package will be a part of a greater international campaign, we are aiming for approximately 200 sign ups with international audiences.

The Agreement you usually sign to participate in this program will state these changes; everything else about the program remains the same. It is hoped that this program will be as successful as attracting international visitors over the upcoming years as it was attracting our domestic audiences.  Of note for 2018, with the added vouchers international visitors will disperse into the region visiting even more local tourism operators.

Please note:

  • Bookings will take place July 30, 2018 and August 30, 2018
  • A booking for a stay between September 7, 2018 and October 31, 2018
  • Consumer marketing and communication will commence July 30, 2018

Please submit your forms by Friday July 27, 2018

A link to the new landing page for this international program will be sent to you once we have your signed Agreement. Again – this is only intended for international audiences, so to avoid confusion, if you promote this link please clarify this is for international guests only.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email erin@explorersedge.ca