Muskoka – Strategic Marketing Directions

Muskoka – ┬áStrategic Marketing Direction Recommendations (PDF)

Project Objective

Regional Tourism Organizaiton 12 / Explorers’ Edge in partnership with Muskoka Tourism commissioned Harris/Decima to conduct further strategic analysis to look deeper at this extensive dataset and identify opportunities for future growth in Muskoka and RTO 12.

Working within the limitations of the existing dataset to:

  • Explore the highest yield opportunities;
  • Identify customer types with the best potential for growth; and,
  • Define a broader offer to attract these potential new tourism customers.

Provide Muskoka Tourism and the project steering committee with further details about current and potential travellers in terms of:

  • Geography, especially within Ontario and in particular the GTA;
  • Ethnicity; and,
  • Other key variables of interest.