Tourism Research Slide Decks

Tourism Research Slide Decks

The following are the research slide decks prepared by the MTCS research unit.  Please note that these do not include the economic impact data as they are still working on that section due to a delay in receiving the information.  As such, the slides on GDP and jobs have not been included at this time.  Special thanks to our regional MTCS representatives for taking the extra time and effort to complete these sub-regional decks in addition to the regional ones they have been working on. Continue reading

RTO 12 / EE 2020 Nomination Package

On behalf of the Regional Tourism Organization 12 (RTO 12) Board of Directors, thank you for your interest in exploring the possibility of joining our Board.  This information package has been designed to give you a greater understanding of the role and responsibilities that fall to the Board, the commitment required of Board members, and help you determine if Board service is right for you.
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RTO12 Product Research & Framework

In 2017-2018, the RTO12 Board of Directors invested in a thorough product development analysis for the region.

In previous years, product development took a back seat to what was considered the main priority of the RTO: building a results-driven domestic marketing program using social, mobile, content marketing.  Now, however, with international markets now the focus of the Board (which commenced with the successful launch of the Share Your Canada 150 campaign in spring 2017), it became an elevated priority for RTO12 to identify which specific products are most likely to compete on the global stage.
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Commercial Air Service: Market Analysis

Building the Case

Attracting commercial air service requires a rigourous understanding of the market’s air service market potential.  Explorers’ Edge, Ontario’s regional tourism organization for Algonquin Park, the Almaguin Highlands, Loring-Restoule, Muskoka and Parry Sound, has retained InterVISTAS Consulting to analyze the air service market potential of the region, to be served from Muskoka Airport (“YQA”).
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Itinerary Project Final Report

A Transformational Opportunity – Itinerary and Package Development for International Markets

An experience development project for Explorers’ Edge: Final Report PDF – Click Here

Explorers’ Edge (RTO12) retained Twenty31 Consulting in the Spring of 2016, to act as a Project Lead in the development of regional itineraries specifically for the US and the UK consumer markets. The intention of the proposed project was to move long-haul visitors around the region (RTO12), thereby extending their stays (i.e., 1+ nights) in the region, and fostering greater purchasing.
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Report – Commercial Air Service

InterVISTAS examined the potential to obtain security screening at Muskoka Regional Airport with the eventual end objective to be able to introduce commercial air service into the airport. The District of Muskoka, Explorers’ Edge and the Town of Gravenhurst have sought guidance in determining the possibility for the airport to have scheduled services by summer 2017. This report provides the context for security screening, an overview of consultations, the costs to obtain screening, the benefits of having scheduled services, and an implementation plan. Continue reading