Online Packages Opportunity: Ontario Fall Weekends Campaign

The upcoming Ontario Fall Weekends campaign encourages our primary target audience, couples travelling without children from Ontario and the U.S. (New York, Pennsylvania and Michigan), to unearth their passions and go beyond the known, to be stimulated by Ontario’s local stories of unexpected hidden gems. The campaign launches early in September and will run through to mid-November 2016.

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Parry Sound Area Tourism Summit

In October 2015, Regional Tourism Organization 12 (Explorers’ Edge) in partnership with the Town of Parry Sound, Carling Township, the Township of McDougall, Seguin Township, the Township of McKellar and the Township of The Archipelago embarked on an exercise to gain an understanding of the current roles of various tourism stakeholder organizations in the Parry Sound Area and clarify the best future direction.
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2015 Call For Nominations

Position of Director, Board of Directors Regional Tourism Organization 12 (RTO12)

The deadline for nominations and applications to fill vacancies on our Board of Directors is April 16, 2015.

RTO12 is seeking volunteers to sit on the Board of Directors and contribute to the development and supervision of its strategic vision and support the tourism interests of Algonquin Park, Almaguin Highlands, Muskoka and Parry Sound. The Board of Directors invites volunteers who have a commitment to regional tourism efforts, a knowledge of and passion for the tourism industry, and an interest in becoming an active participant in RTO12 matters.

To complete the online application CLICK HERE.
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Market Ready Surveys – Ride the Edge

A priority for Explorers’ Edge product development is the motorsports initiative, “Ride The Edge,” which promotes motorcycling, snowmobiling and ATVing across the region.

Working with motorsports content consultants, Phase I of this initiative involved developing distinct content and suggested routes to include for promotion of all three sports, and to position our region as a motorsports touring destination. (Click here to review online content, photos and videos pertaining to each sport.)

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