Request For Proposal: Package & Itinerary Conversion Platform


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Executive Summary: International Marketing & The Need for Conversions

In 2018, RTO12 commenced its 5-year strategy to increase international visitation and spend in the region and launched an always-in-market direct-to-consumer marketing program. Integral to the success of this strategy is ensuring that captivating itineraries feature prominently in content and on the international website ( and that multi-faceted packages (airfare, shuttle transportation, accommodations, attractions, etc.) from across the entire region suitable to the content editorial and itineraries can be easily purchased and processed by international travellers.

The Opportunity:

With the intention of increasing customer conversions for tourism businesses in this region, RTO12 is seeking to include a robust packages and itinerary platform in an upcoming update to our international website. The platform should allow travellers to book directly with an accommodations or attractions provider via the RTO’s website (direct transaction) or to book and pay via RTO12 for multi-faceted packages (indirect transaction). Using this type of hybrid transacting functionality, the platform will also provide extensive backend reporting so that RTO12 can determine the economic benefit of all transactions (monetary measurement). The ability to RTO12 to sell coupons or vouchers is an asset as well. The platform will also be used on the domestic website as well:

This work described in this RFP is to be completed by February 15, 2018.

Statement of work:

This project will be executed in four Phases.

Phase One: Significant consultation with RTO12 / Explorers’ Edge staff to ensure objectives and executional approach are understood and agreed to by both parties.

Phase Two: Preliminary presentation on the platform capabilities and functionality, best practices, metrics etc. as they relate to RTO12’s objectives. Strategic recommendations for optimizing conversions with the platform included for RTO12’s strategy team. Project Management timeline for implementation (workback schedule) to be included as well, and objectives for the project are clearly identified.

Phase Three: Platform development and launch on RTO12’s international and domestic websites.

Phase Four: Final Report – a summary of the overall project implementation, next steps and further recommendations.

Summary of Primary Deliverables

Phase 1 Memo Outlining Agreed to Project Approach and Ultimate Deliverables:  MS Word and PDF electronic versions of the report in English

Phase 2 Report Required: MSWord and PDF electronic versions of the report in English.

Phase 3 Development & Implementation: Consultant implements development with RTO12 team.

Phase 4 Final Report: MSWord and PDF electronic versions of the report in English.

Required: The final report must be provided in print, in English as well as one PDF and one Word version. In addition, electronic versions of supporting documents will be provided when available.

The proposal, at a minimum, will break out the costs across the following:

  • Preliminary consultation with RTO12 staff
  • Development of package and itinerary strategy for the platform that aligns with RTO12 objectives
  • Development of project timelines (workback schedule) and deliverables
  • Implementation of the platform on RTO12’s domestic and international websites
  • Final Report development

Your proposal will form an integral part of the contract and will be considered the Scope of Work for the Initial Term.

Corporate Information:

  • Please provide a synopsis of your qualifications, including a detailed summary of previous successfully implemented projects of this nature.
  • Also a description of the respondent’s company, including location(s), business operations, financial security, and corporate history
  • A standard contract proposal

Note:  Proponents shall identify, within their submission, all excluded items.

Assumptions:  The entire project will be fully completed no later than February 15, 2018.

Selection Process

 The following aspects of your proposal will be used to evaluate the proposals:

  1. Demonstrated experience of key personnel in a project of similar scope and nature
  2. Demonstrated successes in implementation of platform for other DMOs or RTOs
  3. Demonstrated strong corporate history and presence, financial standing, and capacity to perform;
  4. Implementation approach and methodology, including project timing, scheduling, staff training, and transition from the existing application;
  5. Cost competitiveness;
  6. References (minimum of three).

 As part of the selection process, respondents may be asked to present their proposal to an Explorers’ Edge staff representative.

 Proponent Qualifications

Proponents considered for this project must be able to demonstrate the following credentials/expertise:

  1. Recognized booking systems provider
  2. Clear understanding of the RTO model in Ontario, the business objectives of RTO12 in particular and the ability to differentiate RTO12 in the marketplace by increasing consumer visits significantly
  3. Experienced, professional in-house project team (including Project Manager) to meet all project deadlines
  4. Proven ability to ensure the RTO’s success with the platform
  5. Proven use of current technologies, standards, and best practices

Evaluation Criteria

A total of 100 points will be allocated to each proposal, as follows:


Category Available Points
Qualifications and Experience of Company 10
Qualifications and Relevant Experience of Project Team 10
Understanding of RTO12 Business Objectives 20
Quality of Implementation Approach & Ability to Meet RTO12 Objectives 20
Proposed Work Plan and Schedule 20
Sub Total 80
Fees and Disbursements (including sub-consultants) 20
Total 100


Financial points will only be awarded to submissions that have achieved a minimum score of 60 out of 80 points on the technical evaluation criteria. Proposals that do not meet this minimum score will be deemed non-compliant and will be given no further consideration.