Social Enterprise Catalyst Housing: Concept Research & Report


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Executive Summary:
A New Housing Model to Serve the Regional Tourism Industry

In an effort to create a steady influx of industry workers to our region, RTO12 seeks to overcome one of the biggest obstacles for acquiring entry-level employees in particular: the lack of affordable housing.

To that end, we are proposing the creation of a new model for regional housing, which will be referred to in the development stages as “social enterprise catalyst housing,” and which will specifically serve the needs of the tourism industry in the RTO12 catchment. (Please note that RTO12 recognizes that other regional industries may benefit from the proposed model, such as healthcare and building trades; this can be further investigated by the chosen consultant(s).)

This new model will feature community and industry-funded, short-term housing development that will attract workers by: 1) providing sub-market rental rates for affordability 2) providing personal and professional growth opportunities for tenants by way of additional career, life skills and financial literacy training. A condition of occupancy in the short-term catalyst housing is that, in return for the aforementioned benefits, tenants will work in our regional tourism industry over a (proposed) two-year commitment (which will also be the duration of occupancy). The catalyst housing will thereby create an ongoing “funnel” to attract workers to our region.

It is the intention of this housing model that, upon completion of a (proposed) two-year residency, tenants will be in a better position to advance in their tourism careers (either here or elsewhere in Ontario), and will also be in a better position to move onto ‘the housing continuum’ (either here or elsewhere in Ontario).

RTO12 proposes that this catalyst housing development (either new builds or renovated buildings) will be funded by social enterprise investors, who will invest in community bonds to fund the building projects, thereby not relying solely or primarily on government sources of funding. Revenue sources from the housing model (in addition to rent) need to be determined in order to ensure returns on investment (e.g. a regional training and innovation centre space) for bond investors.

RTO12 seeks a consultant to conduct extensive and various research initiatives into disparate areas pertaining to this innovative new housing model, including but not limited to the following:

  • Current and forecasted workforce demands across the region
  • Affordable rental rates pertinent to entry-level wages in the tourism industry
  • Community Bond Programs (including successful examples, administration of the bonds and returns, best practices, etc.)
  • Social enterprise best practices and hub/incubator examples that might apply to the housing model
  • Affordable housing models and management approaches
  • Training and education opportunities and approaches for ongoing, work-integrated learning
  • Municipal, provincial and federal regulations and stipulations pertaining to community housing projects
  • Articulation of possible occupancy candidates, such as youth, marginalized workers, immigrants or Indigenous youth stakeholders
  • Articulation of a potential application process for occupancy
  • Articulation of how tourism business owners can participate in the career and life skills development of tenants, and how they (owners) can commit to supporting the housing and its tenants
  • Identification of potential partners for this model, as well as potential government funding sources (e.g. housing, immigration, heritage buildings, etc.)
  • Construction options (e.g. new build or renovate a heritage building, etc.) and regulations; suggested associated costs to build or renovate

For the purposes of this RFP, please consider the total budget to be $70K CDN* when creating your submission.

*subject to possible revision

The Opportunity:

The Consultant will conduct extensive desk research pertinent to the disparate areas listed above. It is anticipated that additional surveys of various potential stakeholders and partners will also be identified, developed and deployed by the Consultant.

A final report of all research findings will be compiled for submission at the conclusion of this project. It will include recommendations for moving forward, and a road map for next steps.

The work described in this RFP is to be completed by October 30, 2020.

Statement of Work:

This project will be executed in Four Phases:

Phase One: Significant consultation with RTO12 / Explorers’ Edge staff to ensure objectives and executional approach are understood and agreed to by both parties.

Phase Two: Extensive desk research and environmental scans. Development of any stakeholder surveys.

Phase Three: Stakeholder surveys deployed.

Phase Four: Final Report a summary of the overall project findings, and recommendations for next steps (i.e. a road map for moving the project forward).

Summary of Primary Deliverables

Phase 1 Memo Outlining Agreed to Project Approach and Ultimate Deliverables:  MS Word and PDF electronic versions of the report in English

Phase 2 Report Required and Survey Questions Provided: MSWord and PDF electronic versions of the report and survey questions in English.

Phase 3 Report Required: Survey Monkey versions of the surveys created, executional approach and target audience articulated, surveys deployed, and results tabulated and reported

Phase 4 Final Report: MSWord and PDF electronic versions of the report in English of overall findings and recommendations for next steps

Required: All reports must be provided in print, in English as well as one PDF and one Word version. In addition, electronic versions of supporting documents will be provided when available.


The proposal, at a minimum, will break out the costs across the following:

  • Preliminary consultation with RTO12 staff and articulation of project understanding
  • Development of project timelines (workback schedule) and deliverables
  • Desktop Research approach, execution and report
  • Survey development and outreach approach, execution and report
  • Additional anticipated costs

Your proposal will form an integral part of the contract and will be considered the Scope of Work for the Initial Term, so please be thorough.