RTO12 Online Referral & Reservation System

Explorers’ Edge is excited to partner with JackRabbit Systems, an innovative lodging search solution that allows visitors of explorersedge.ca to search for lodging based on their stay dates using the usual assortment of sorting and filtering mechanisms (e.g. location, lodging type, price, amenities, etc.) and then, to make a direct booking with their selected lodging.

Here is a brief list of the features and benefits of the JackRabbit Lodging Search Engine as set up on explorersedge.ca:

  • JackRabbit delivers the visitor (user experience) functionality of a booking engine during the search process, but aligns with the consumer preference to book direct with your lodging.
  • Based on the Explorers’ Edge investment in JackRabbit, there are no commissions or fees charged to you for room reservations motivated by the JackRabbit Engine — you keep 100% of the booking revenue.
  • There is no additional inventory management required of you because JackRabbit automatically pulls rates and availability through your own online res system and displays it in your listing on the results pages.
  • 100% of our lodgings will have listings and be displayed in results pages returned to site visitors so it is an inclusive solution that benefits all of you. Even if you do not currently have an online booking capability, you will still be displayed in the listings and receive qualified referrals which will result in direct bookings – whether it be online or over the phone.

How do lodging partners participate in JackRabbit’s Lodging Search Engine?  

The RTO has signed an agreement confirming that all of the lodgings currently in our directory will be included in JackRabbit’s lodging listings. Lodgings that currently have a reservation system capable of accepting online reservations will display with rates based on room availability. JackRabbit’s technology automatically indexes (i.e. pulls) rates and room availability on a daily basis from most reservation systems, including those used by the major hotel chains. In cases where a matching indexer does not currently exist, JackRabbit will build one at no charge to the lodging(s) deploying that particular system.

For those lodging properties without an online booking capability, JackRabbit provides a fully functional, self-service reservation engine free of charge. So, if your organization does not already have an online reservation system and you’re interested in being able to accept online reservations, please sign-up to use JackRabbit’s reservation engine here: http://www.jackrabbitreservations.com/hotels/new.  For help signing up, please take a few moments to watch a brief online tutorial, found here: http://bit.ly/HXCxd7.  After sign-up, instructions will be emailed outlining the setup of your JackRabbit free reservation engine.

For those lodgings that prefer not to receive reservations online and who would rather continue to operate as they have been doing, JackRabbit can include a static (fixed) rate in your listings for display to site visitors. We know that comparing pricing is important to visitors as they conduct their search for accommodation, so putting all lodgings on the same footing in this regard is important – to the consumer and to you the operator.

Finally, RTO12 is confident that the JackRabbit Lodging Search Engine is the best solution to serve the needs of all of our lodging members and that this book-direct model is one that is highly preferred by consumers. If you have any questions about the system or our agreement with JackRabbit, do not hesitate to contact Tyler Francis, Tourism Operator Relations at 705-646-7673 [email protected]