Indigenous Culture Awareness Training & Competency Training

Explorers’ Edge is very pleased to host Chrystal Tabobandung, owner of R.A.I.S.E. Indigenous Cultural Awareness and Competency Training in two back-to-back workshops on Wednesday, May 25th at Bracebridge Hall.

Originating from Wasauksing First Nation in Ontario, Chrystal is a proud Anishnabekwe, of the Ojibway tribe.   Growing up and living on her reserve has a given her strong foundation in her culture.

Graduating from the University of British Columbia and The Institute of Indigenous Government, Chrystal obtained her degree in First Nations Studies and an Associate Arts Degree in Indigenous Government Studies. This has given her a strong background academically of First Nations cultural way of life across Canada. Practical experience includes working and volunteering in First Nations communities here in Ontario and in Vancouver.Ms. Tabobandung will present two informative workshops:

Morning Session:
Indigenous Awareness

In this workshop, Chrystal will introduce the social, historical, political, religious, and philosophical contexts that inform the experiences of many Indigenous peoples and communities in Canada and throughout North America.  Emphasis will be on the ways Indigenous peoples have engaged with and challenged colonialism through cultural resurgence and revitalization, education, artistic production, self-government, and culturally responsive economic development,

Afternoon Session
Who am I: Discussing Identity and labels, such as Indian, FN, Native, AB, Indigenous 

Learn how colonial forces create, shape, and regulate identity, and thus influence perceptions of a particular Indigenous group.  Understand how Identity can exclude as much as include particular groups of people. These categories create blanket assumptions and stereotypes accepted as natural by outsiders, and may also be internalized by members of the group in question. Identity – and how it is created, maintained, and regulated—is a complex topic critical to understanding relationships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal groups as well as relationships between Aboriginal individuals and communities.

Date: Wednesday, May 25
Place: Bracebridge Hall
Time: 10am to 2:30pm (lunch included)